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Politics, People's Assembly Style!

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Rachel Bruhnke with youth organizers at the offices of Communities for a Better Environment, that works to protect frontline communities from the deadly health effects of the fossil fuel industry.
Go, team! Campaigning at 1st Thursday in San Pedro. Come on down every 1st Thursday 7th and Mesa from now until the election, Tuesday June 5 (UN World Environment Day, too:)
With fellow Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council member at the Los Angeles homeless count. 8,000 of us volunteered to help count homeless...I wish 8,000 of us had been ask and organized to help BUILD HOUSING for them! #wouldhavedoneit
Rachel with Dorota, my dear friend and supporter, at a campaign event in San Pedro. The issues that seniors gave, of economic hardships and social isolation CAN be fixed! I will work for active involvement between youth and seniors, both highly disrespected and disenfranchised sectors of our society. I unequivocally support the protection of Los Cerritos wetlands in Long Beach to keep it safe from oil drilling! As a trained environmental resource engineer, I undertand on many levels, the need to stop drilling for climate destabilizing, dirty fossil fuels and for peotecting our groundwater resources from petroleum and chemical contamination. Water is Life, and Standing Rock is Everywhere. Wetlands serve a vital ecological function. 80% have been destroyed in the last 100 years by human encroachment and abuse. We risk losing their ecological functions at our own peril.
With fellow Green Party candidates Mike Feinstein and Miguel Zuniga at the Non-Corporate Candidate Forum organized by So. Bay Progressive Alliance. Second from right, at the Non-Corporate Candidate Forum hosted by the South Bay Progressive Alliance.
I was part of a team that helped produce new Green Party literature promoting A Green New Deal for 21st Century Agriculture. If you eat, you should care about sustainable, id est life-sustaining, agriculture. With supporter and fellow  Neighborhood Council member Gwen Henry campaigning at 1st Thursday in my hometown San Pedro.
With fellow So Cal 350, climate action member at a coalition rally to say NO to threats to reinstate offshore drilling on the California coast. Homegrown fruits and vegetables from my urban homestead, Harbor Farms in San Pedro. A strong element in my platform is Land Reform, which both values peoples' need for secure housing, but also prioritizes Greening our Cities, supporting urban agriculture, urban forestry and native planting for ecological and climate resilience.
With Rev. Edward Pinkney, renown fighter for community rights and economic equality. Contributor to the People's Tribune national newspaper, the Green Party shares his belief in Envisioning a New America of justice, equality and peace. As an urban farmer myself, and having lived around small-scale farming for many years, I know the regerative power-for the Earth, for People and for Economies-of sustainable agriculture! Many people could be employed in AD 70 in all aspects of regenerative farming: Small scale building like you see here, resource collection and composting, soil building and amending, seed germination, planting, growing and managing, harvesting of vegetables, fruits, herbs...Processing, making value-added products,! Skill- teaching! Community-Based Economics is a Key Value of the Green Party. The motto for my urban homestead, Harbor Farms: Trust the Sun. Grow Food.
Charging up my secondhand Ford Focus EV. As Assembly member, I would work to expand charging stations throughout AD 70 and the state. However, EVs, mass transit, etc are only second to what I believe is the best way to solve congestion and environme tal problems associated with transit: More localized economies. We should build a more

Committee to Elect Rachel Bruhnke
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