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Build a Just, Sustainable and Inclusive Economy

An Economy as if People and the Planet Mattered! 100% Clean Energy, Living Wage, Jobs that Solve Problems/Meet Needs. Local, not Corporate Economies for our Communities. Increase Opportunity and Ingenuity through an Expansion of the Solution-Oriented Job Market. Engage, Educate and Employ our Youth and Workers in Transition to an Economy for All. Promote Non-Monetary forms of Economy: Time Exchange, Barter, Self-Reliance Skill Development and Urban Agriculture.

Land Reform: Housing for All/Restore the Land in our Cities

Affordable Housing for All. Help Housing-Challenged People NOW. Replace an Economic Culture Established by Land Hoarders, Over-Developers and Polluters. Reform Proposition 13. Repeal Costa-Hawkins while still limiting Bureaucracy. Restore the Land in our Cities: Zone for Urban Agriculture to Support Food Security and Local Jobs in our Communities, Plant for Climate and Biological Resilience in our Neighborhoods. Support a "Restorative Economy" based on Regeneration, not Extraction, of the Earth's Resources, and on the Restoration of our Communities. Prioritize children’s needs.

Health Care is a Human Right - Support SB-562

Provide Comprehensive, Universal Healthcare. Transition from Healthcare "Insurance" to Actual Health Care, Creating Meaningful Jobs for Tens of Thousands of Californians, and Peace of Mind for Families. Plan for Public Health, not Corporate Wealth. Build the "Campaign for a Healthy California" through Preventative Care, Improved Nutrition, Safe and Toxin-Free Neighborhoods.

Building a Localized, Participatory Democracy for All Ages

Protect and Promote our Constitutional Right to Assemble! Promote Local Organizing in AD70 Around Neighborhoods, Not Solely Issues. Proximity Will Assist in Climate and Social Resilience. Enfranchise Voters by Fostering Systems of Direct Engagement through Local "People's Assemblies". Promote Youth Inclusion and Activism.

Committee to Elect Rachel Bruhnke
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