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About Rachel

Rachel Bruhnke is a lifelong political activist and organizer, and Green Party member since 1992. She has been twice a member of the LA Green Party County Council and was a delegate to the GP State Convention in 2017.

Rachel graduated from CSULB with a B.A. in Political Science emphasizing Latin American Affairs, has a Teaching Credential from CSUDH, and an M.S. in Environmental Resource Engineering from Humboldt State University. 

She serves on the boards of Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, the Harry Bridges Institute and the Latin America solidarity organization Witness for Peace/SW and founded L.A. Harbor Peace Coalition and the Labor Day Annual "L.A. Harbor Peace Week". 

Rachel is a high school teacher and lives on an urban farm, Harbor Farms, with her daughter, partner and animals in San Pedro. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, Central America. She was the Coordinator of Eco-Cuba at the human rights organization Global Exchange.

Her emphasis on issues of war and peace comes from many years seeing the damage caused by U.S. aggressive political and economic foreign policy, especially in Latin America. Our bloated military budget leaves all states behind and fosters a culture of violence by police and in our communities, and therefore must be seen as a local issue. The Military Industrial Complex has permeated all of our communities, is altering our culture, and the history we teach our children. 

She is running on the Green Party's 10 Key Values, promoting a platform of: Land Use Reform/Housing for All, Healthcare as a Human Right, Building a Just and Sustainable Economy, and Participatory Democracy for All Ages for a "California People's Assembly".

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